More than a railway company

The Joint Stock Company Spacecom was set up in the year of 2003 and today
it is one of the largest owners of the tank car fleet in Baltic region.

Reliability, prоmptness, competence

Promptness, personal approach to every customer, strict corporate standards and availability
of our own tank car fleet make us your reliable partner in the railway business.

More than 8000 tank cars

Average service life of our tank cars makes 7.5 years while their guaranteed service life
reaches 32 years. We lease out the railway tank cars, available at our disposal, for carriage
of light-oil products, dark-oil products and liquefied carbohydrate gases.

News: 1912.2016

We offer to rent tanks for transportation of oil products at the price of € 15 per day per tank.

News: 3003.2013
8000 is not the limit

For many years we have been the largest group in the Baltic region who offer the lease out of the tank cars. Promptness, personal approach to every customer, strict corporate...

News: 3003.2013
Locomotive repair

We offer our customers the opportunity to get a service of locomotives and rolling stock repair. The repair is performed in cooperation with a Joint Stock Company Daugavpils...

News: 2701.2014
New Spacecom website

We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully launched a new website Spacecom. Browsing this new site you will easily find any information about our group you may be...

About Us

We are the largest company in the Baltic region offering services of tank car lease. Promptness, tailored approach and strict corporate standards make us a reliable partner in the railway business.

Rendering service of the railway tank car lease has been the main business line of the company since the year of 2003.
Spacecom features its own tank car fleet which amounts to 8000 tank cars with the average service life of 7.5 years while the guaranteed service life reaches 32 years. We provide the railway tank cars for carriage of light-oil products, dark-oil products and liquefied hydrocarbon gases. The maintenance of the car fleet is the issue of the utmost care: all cars undergo compulsory regular checks, and every train is carefully inspected before departure. You may be sure in high speed, reliability and safety of shipping.

We boast a range of advantages including strategically beneficial location and high competence therefore we have gained a network of trustful partners and customers in Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Belgium and other countries. The largest cooperation is done with our partners in Kazakhstan (where more than 2000 car tanks are used) and Russian Federation, where more than 4000 cars are used. Taking into the account the transit in Russia, we operate there at least 80% of our car fleet. Given the estimated number of tank cars in Russian Federation is 220 000, a share of Spacecom tank cars in Russian fleet makes approx. 2%. The remaining 2000 tank cars service other regions.

List of shareholders


Shareholder name: Share:


Spacecom Trans

The main business line of AS Spacecom Trans is the leasing out of rolling equipment.
The company's car fleet features 1 000 tank cars for carriage of light and dark oil products.

Contact information:
Boris Pereskokov
Member of the board
Tel.: (+372) 678 8242
Fax: (+372) 678 8246

Annual reports: 

Our services


Tank-cars for lease

Spacecom provides leasing out of railway tank cars for carriage of oil products and liquefied gases.


Locomotive repair

Overhaul and modernisation of locomotives and rolling stock, performed in
cooperation with a Joint Stock Company Daugavpils Locomotive Repair Plant.


Lease agreements

Draft model agreements allow you to get the required tank cars into lease promptly
and easily, and look through the terms of agreement in advance.

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How to find us:

  • Mõisa 4, Tallinn 13522, Estonia
  • Phone: (+372) 678 8240
    Fax: (+ 372) 678 8246
  • Email:
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