Model № 15-1519-01

The tank car model 15-1519-01 is used for the carriage of liquefied hydrocarbon gases, light hydrocarbon crude and mixes (propane, n-butane, propylene, volatile natural gas gasoline, butylene-butadiene, butane-butylene, isoprene, isoamylene, n-butylene, pseudobutylene, wide light hydrocarbon fraction).

The tank car consists of a tank and a platform. The tank is a steel-alloy structure of grade 09Г2С in the form of cylindrical barrel shell, with elliptical bottoms welded to the end butts.

The manhole (diameter 500 mm) is at the top of the tank. It features a level gauge to estimate the limit of filling the tank and instrumentation and controls covered with a lid. In order to prevent the excess pressure inside the tank, there is a suction relief valve adjusted to the working pressure. There is a caged platform around the manhole, with ladders on either side. The tank is bolted on the platform with a help of braces and retaining bands.

The tank car platform is mounted on two two-axle bogies and equipped with braking and pulling equipment.

Technical specifications:

Carrying load capacity, t 43.0
Empty (tare) weight, t  38.8 
Volume of tank, sq.m. 75.7
Inner diameter of tank, mm 3000 
Tank material 09Г2С-13,14 ГОСТ 5520 
Pressure inside tank, kg/сm2 20.8
Axle load, t  20.7
Length along back heads, mm 12020
Clearance 1-Т
Track gauge, mm 1520, 1435
Design speed, km/h 120
Way of unloading Upper displacement, air-proof