Model 15-1547-03


The four-axle tank car model 15-1547-03 is designed for carriage of petrol and other light oil products by mainline railways with track gauge of 1520 mm (with the opportunity to a track gauge changeover to 1435 mm).

This model consists of a tank and a frame with the side channels, a bogie and the train-stop equipment. The tank is a cylindrical welded structure, made of a barrel and two bottoms. The 11-mm-thick bottom plate of the barrel has 25...30 mm slope down to the drainage device for full discharge of product. The side and the top sheets are correspondingly 10 and 9 mm thick. The tank features a welded manhole throat with the level gauges to estimate the limit of filling the tank, an outlet of the drainage device and suction relief valves.

The tank can be easily maintained owing to the outside and inside ladders. The discharge control is performed from the top and it is either gravity discharge or forced drainage performed due to some additional technical devices. In order to prevent the pressure increase inside the tank to no more than 0.15 MPa and liquidate vacuum during discharge of the product, the tank has a suction relief valve.

Two two-axle bogies ensure the tank car mobility when moving alone or in the car couplings along the straight and curved railway sections; in addition, they can bear any service load.

Technical specifications:

Carrying load capacity, t 66.0
Empty weight, t  26.3
Specific volume, sq.m/t 85.6
Empty-weight-to-carrying-capacity ratio 0.407
Track gauge  1520
Inner diameter of tank, mm  1435
Working pressure inside tank, МPа 0.15
Length along back heads, mm 12020
Design speed, km/h 120
Clearance 1-ВМ