Model № 15-1566

A four-axle tank car model 15-1566 is designed for carriage of viscous oil products by rail with track gauge 1520 mm.

This tank car consists of a tank and a typical frame with a bogie and the automatic train-stop equipment. The tank features a cylindrical barrel shell welded from longitudinal sheets and two elliptical bottom plates. The structure is made from the low-alloyed steel.

The product is pumped through a lid-covered manhole with the diameter of 570 mm. The manhole is equipped with a level gauge to estimate the limit of filling the tank and outlet of drainage device and a gate gear of the multi-purpose discharge device. Next to the manhole, there is a sunction relief valve adjusted to the excess pressure of 0.15 МPа and vacuum of 0.02 МPа.

The tank has the bottom drainage and is equipped with the multi-purpose discharge device located in the middle of the tank. To ensure the full discharge, the bottom plate of the tank has a slope down to the discharge device. Due to the multi-purpose device the bottom discharge via a pump is also possible.

The steam chest encasing, made from the 3-mm-thick carbon steel and embracing the bottom of the tank, is meant for heating the product. The steam is fed through the vertical pipe in the encasing of the discharge device into the space between the tank and the encasing and comes out in the form of the condensed vapour through two ducts at the dead ends of the encasing bottom.

In order to prevent the axial displacement, the middle part of the tank is connected to the frame with braces, welded to the tank and template bolted-on to the braces, which are welded to the longitudinal tie rod. Tail pieces of the tank are laid freely on wooden balks, bolted-on inside the grooves of the metal support bearings, mounted on the frame bolster beams and screwed up to them with special retaining bands.
In order to prevent the vertical and transverse displacement, the retaining bands are used to screw the tank to the end supports. The tank is equipped with a typical automatic coupling CA-3, the automatic brake and a hand brake with a drive attached to the frame side. The outer two-way ladder with the platforms adjoining the manhole facilitates maintenance of the car.

A running gear consists of two two-axle bogies of the model 18-100 GОSТ 9246-79.

Technical specifications:

Carrying load capacity, t 66.0
Tare weight, t  27
Design speed, km/h 120
Clearance 02-ВМ
Tank volume capacity, m3 73,1
Inner diameter of tank, mm 3000
Pressure inside tank, МPа 0,15
Method of pumping in/ out:
-pumping in upper
-discharge bottom, gravity flow
Tank material 09Г2С-13