Model № 15-5103-05

This tank model is designed for carriage of oil products by rail with track gauge of 1520 mm with the opportunity to a track gauge changeover to 1435 mm in a prescribed order (change of bogies, equipping with buffer stock, etc.) if approved by railway administrations of the countries.

The tank is designed in "У" version, category 1, according to GOST ГОСТ 15150 with maintainability engineering at the lowest working temperature and the temperature limit of minus -50 ˚C.

Technical specifications:

Carrying load capacity, t, not more 66.0
Tare weight, t 26.95
Tank volume capacity, sq.m:
- full  76.3
- working 74.73
Length along back heads, mm 12020
Маx.designed deadweight load from set of wheels to rails, kN (tnf) 230 (23.5)
Tank base, mm 7800
Inner diameter of tank, mm  3000
Length of tank, mm 11228
Allowable pressure inside tank during product discharge by way of displacement, МPа (kgf/сm2), not more than  0.069
Dimensions according to GOSТ 9238-83 02-ВМ
Design speed, km/h 120
Automatic coupler type СА-3 retractable
Model of bogie 18-100
Gauging type 86
Max. height of coupler centre above rail, mm 4600